You May Qualify!

Wishing you could send your child to a Jewish High School? Thanks to an extraordinary program sponsored by the Jim Joseph Foundation, partial tuition grants are now available for qualified students to attend one of 5 Jewish high schools (see links to Jewish High Schools on bottom of this page). High School students may be entering at any grade level, but must be new to Jewish high school; no prior Jewish educational background is required. And the process is confidential. To get started, follow the simple steps listed here:

  1. Click on the link at right to begin your process.
  2. Complete the preliminary survey and application.
  3. Print out your Qualifying Form.
  4. Contact your chosen high school, present your Qualifying Form to the Admissions department and complete the school’s application process.
  5. School admissions decisions will be made independent of financial need. Once you have been accepted, the school will notify you about your partial tuition grant award.

The Web Application Process is easy and user friendly. If you have questions or need further information, call our Hotline (323) 761.8606 or email us at and we will assist you.

Please contact BJE - for further information. Thank you.